6 awesome wearables on sale

I almost hit that ‘unsubscribe’ button over and over last week, in an attempt to draw in my spending by removing the temptations from my inbox.

But the crazy person in me argued that they were necessary for those days where some avoidance . . . err . . . retail therapy is in order.

You know the sort of day I’m talking about – birds nest hair, still in pj’s with weetbix stains, unshowered, house resembling a war zone where the fight has been fought with puffed rice and lego, a child who has decided they don’t like sleep anymore and are clever enough to have figured out that banging that door over and over again makes mummy go red . . . and that’s funny.

I can hear Big Buddy now . . . “more clothes – surely you can’t be serious?”.

Heck, I’ve earned it.

To assist me in taking a measured approach to the some 50 emails I get a week taunting me with “50 per cent off but only until midnight tonight”, I thought perhaps you might appreciate my window shopping. So here we go.

Seed stud top Sportscraft boot Sportscraft dress Sportscraft necklaceRB sellers shirt dressBamboo Body Alice top

You are welcome.

Imagine the boots, the panel dress and necklace together, nice.


{ps. no sponsorships here at all, just that I like this stuff}


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