52 weeks of grateful ~ moments of perspective

Gratefulness has escaped me recently.  I’ve sat each Friday for the last several with my hands hovering over the keyboard, waiting for the words to come. Nothing.

natural beauty

With such constant beauty and good fortune around me I started to get frustrated with myself. My circumstances are fortunate no doubt. A healthy child and family, roof over my head, food in my pantry, electricity, running water, medicine, clothes, an income, freedom! I could go on. Why, then, is this not enough for me? I am grateful for them, I just expect more. Without even trying, I expect more.

I’m sure it’s part upbringing, part perspective and part the modern age we live in that sets my expectations so high. I can’t change my upbringing or the modern age we live in, but I can change my perspective.

So, I’m experimenting with low expectations. Waking up and expecting less of myself. Expecting less of others. Expecting less from my day. Just letting it unfold and observing it curiously and flexibly.

perspectiveAnd what do you know, as soon as I did that, the half masticated strawberry and pasta spiral left over from Buddy’s lunch that the cat is currently consuming is ok. So I didn’t get to that particular mess. It’s ok, I got to some others and I no longer expect to get to them all.

And in an instant I find tonnes of things to be grateful for . . . for now though I’ll start with nurturing in myself fleeting moments of perspective.

I’m linking up with Octavia & Vicky for 52 weeks of grateful.


12 responses to “52 weeks of grateful ~ moments of perspective

    • Hi Kylie, yes, it’s a bit of an alternative message to what we are used to hearing isn’t it, almost like our brains are wired a certain way and we need to re-teach them. It certainly seems to work for me, glad you like :). Gin

  1. So true Deb! I hadn’t thought of that – persisting and at least writing something might just lead me to the place I’m meant to be, a good and grateful place. Great point.

  2. love this – i go through phases where i struggle with my gratitude post but always push through as the act itself brings about a changein me that was needed – the block to the writing is a sign of something in me needing a shift – and yes – surrender is often a big part of it as elissa noticed. deb xx

  3. They are beautiful photos Gin, and beautiful words too. I’ve been feeling like that lately too, might have to take a leaf from your book and give up on trying to tae my laundry!

    • Well Elisa, you’ve just made my day. Such kind words, thank you so much! Surrender, great choice of word, that’s what it’s all about. Even saying the word surrender makes me feel lighter.

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