52 weeks of grateful ~ feet (humour me)

18 bare feets

I am grateful for feet. Hear me out before you click away. I’m grateful for bare feet time.

There’s something about the feel of dirt under foot. It makes me feel like a roaming and carefree kid again, except without the holler of my mother yelling “put shoes on before you go outside”. She said it so often I can still hear her each time I step out in bare feet. Bless her, she was persistent.  I still think ‘what’s the big deal, it’s just a bit of dirt’ whenever I set foot off the safety of the deck without shoes. Now I realise, it was less about dirt and more about highly venomous snakes, spiders, and rusty glass, nails, or metals commonly found on a farm in the particular spots I would choose to play.

We spend more than a decade in school shoes from the age of 5. Then we progress to office shoes or work boots or ward shoes for the next 60 years or so, until we progress to slippers. But for the odd 4 weeks leave to go camping at the beach, we spend most of our waking hours in shoes. It’s the done thing.

18 feetsSo I am grateful I have the opportunity more often than most to hobble over stones, feel the leaves crunching and the sun warming my toes, and be reminded of the earth that grounds us all. More than that, I’m grateful for the memories bare feet hold for me.

Summers spent running around the house with friends and jumping into the pool.

Springs spent helping dig in the dirt or climbing trees.

Autumns spent squelching through boggy lawns after finding the cat to get her out of the storm.

Winters spent playing fetch with the dog until night fell and getting into the warm bath only to have my feet sting that deliciously painful sting that comes with a sudden change in temperature.

And drudging home from HSC preparation with much more than a full back pack weighing on my shoulders to that single best moment of the day to take my school shoes and socks off.

I’m going outside now to walk bare feet across the pebbly path.

I’m linking up with Octavia & Vicky for 52 weeks of grateful.

NOTE – I disclose I am fully aware of the disgustingly obvious month old nail polish, yet still chose to post these pics. I ask that you not hold it against me.


2 responses to “52 weeks of grateful ~ feet (humour me)

  1. Gin, we never had shoes on as kids, and had more than one trip to the emergency room, but it was always so worth it!
    I find myself now yelling out for Bell to put shoes on when she goes outside. Obviously to deaf ears…..we had to make a quick trip for a tetanus shot not long ago. But as I sit here typing, I look out the window and see no shoes 🙂
    Looks like your little buddy in the photo doesn’t let you go far on your own either xx

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