capture the son 31/52

capture the son 31-3 capture the son 31-2 capture the son 31-1

A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2013.

The peg game. We put the pegs through the steps. Mamma collects pegs and returns to basket. We move up a step and repeat.

Plus an attempt with photo editing – not sure I like it.


2 responses to “capture the son 31/52

  1. LOL great thing to capture – Sx used to play “sticks” which involved him passing a stick out of the window in the playhouse – then me passing it back in through the door (repeat ad infinitum). I can remember I got bored of the game Waaaaaay before he did!

    Photo diting looks good to m and love the angles you capturd him at

    • Well thank you! I think I have to work on the blurring a bit more. Ha, infinitum indeed – I bet you and I will remember it as clear as day but they won’t . . . such is motherhood.

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