is sugar addictive (ish) – I’m going to find out

I’ve believed for a while now that I’m addicted to sugar. And that it is largely out of my control because sugar contains magical substances to keep me consuming it in copious amounts. Nothing I can do about it.

© dream79 -

© dream79 –

It turns out, more than being a brilliant excuse to chow down on that block of Cadbury’s, this rationale may just be true. Or so some people believe.

It all hit home for me yesterday. I was driving home from daycare drop off at 7:30. And I was hungry. I started going through my options to find what might satisfy my grumbling belly – vegemite toast, nope; weetbix, nope; eggs, porridge, crackers, cheese, a roast leg of lamb, nope nope nope nope nope. All I felt like was chocolate coated almonds.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME, I yelled out loud, much to the surprise and hysterical amusement of the car of youths smoking in their giant Hummer next to me at the lights.

I’ve studied nutrition, anatomy, biology and physiology. I know how the body systems work. But somehow I’ve lived a deliberately ignorant life, blissfully wreaking havoc on any level of homeostasis my body once knew. To the extent that all I want to eat first thing in the morning is something sugary.

Well I want to live a different life. I want my weight not to yo-yo. I want to not have to worry about my teeth. I want to know I am treating my body well and gently, but not be hungry all the time.

So I’ve done some research. I’ve looked into the theories of Sarah Wilson, David Gillespie, dietitians and nutritionists and I’ve come to the conclusion that sugar basically serves little purpose in my life.

I’m going to make some changes. I’m going to share them here with you. And because I’m still trying to interpret the gappy science out there, I’m going to post about my journey as I go. Hopefully, in the end I’ll reach an evidence based conclusion and maybe I’ll help some of you along the way.

To quote the Joker. . . HERE. WE. GO!

Heath Ledger (rest his soul) as the Joker. The best Joker ever I might add.


2 responses to “is sugar addictive (ish) – I’m going to find out

  1. Hey, Gin! I’m with you on that sugar roller coaster! I love the stuff, but I also know I feel better when I don’t consume it-at all. Isn’t it funny how we keep on doing the very things we know we shouldn’t?! Now I just want to go dump some sugar in my very black coffee!

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