i’m baaaaaack (i think)

Well, I’m back. Or at least I think I am.

I had a comment on one of my old posts, from one lovely loyal reader, asking how I was and telling me they missed my posts. I love you. You anonymous lovely person.

Also I’m heavily pregnant and sitting on my ass lots.

bun in oven

bun in oven

Plus, I miss writing and posting photos.

And I hate Facebook with a bit of a passion, through no fault of their own – it’s quite a genius marketing feat actually – I just find that I become addicted to finding out what other people are doing. I’d much rather turn my need for electronic stimulus to this blog than the inherently false and narcissistic (a dangerous combination for the overall mental health of society don’t you think?) nature of Facebook.

For these reasons, I’ve decided to maybe, perhaps, possibly start writing on my blog again.

It’s got to be different this time. No more striving to be constantly better, as with this thought goes the assumption that I am not currently enough – WRONG! No more trying to be perfect – NOTHING AND NOBODY IS PERFECT. No more dwelling over writing the best words ever. No more taking the most perfectly whimsical picture to accompany my perfectly thought out whimsical message – THERE’S THAT WORD PERFECT AGAIN.

Just me.

My thoughts. Observations. Learnings. Eccentricities. Naivetes.

Short posts. Quick pictures.

Take it or leave it. Either way, it’s all good.



2 responses to “i’m baaaaaack (i think)

  1. I know… I’m one of those readers that left you a comment, missing your posts and just hoping things were ok with you. I’m so glad to see you baaack! I agree with your thoughts on no more striving, no more perfect. Just be and be you. The world needs more of that! Congrats on the new baby! 💕🎉

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