5 ways to feel better after a crappy mummy day

Shower. Seriously. Sometimes this is optional for a new mum. Even if you have a screaming baby in a rocker just outside the shower still make the effort to do it. It washes you of any sweaty, tired, ikky feeling. And it gives you a split second of time without anyone crawling all over you. I promise you will feel better and more patient after a shower.

Put your face on slowly. When you are brushing your teeth, or putting moisturiser on, or eating your cereal. Whatever it is. Pick something, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and do that task deliberately with care and noticing how it feels – rough, soft, cold, nice – doesn’t matter. Just notice it with curiosity as though you were a scientist examining a piece of evidence. This allows you to drop into yourself for one moment, which mums often neglect to do with our ‘to-do lists’ running through our heads. And slowing down never hurt anybody.

Finish this sentence in your head “wow that was a shithouse day but …..”. I often do this once both devil children … er, I mean angels are asleep. I’ll often reflect on how I am lucky to have healthy kids, a roof over our heads, food on the table …. the simple things. It doesn’t make my day less shitty but it gives me some perspective and energy to get through the next day.

imageGo outside and look up at the stars. Seriously it works. It always reminds me of how small my crappiest of days is in the scheme of things and that pretty soon I’ll be planning trips to visit my grown up kids. For some reason it also makes me feel less alone with my crappy day, like there are other mums dealing with the same thing over the hill or over the other side of the world.

Relaksacyjna kpiel stp, chwila wytchnienia
Stick your feet in a warm bowl of water. When you think about it, us mums spend all freaking day on our feet. A warm foot bath, maybe with some almond or lavender oil or bath milk ( I love the body shop one) initiates relaxation for the evening and makes us feel good about spending 5 minutes on ourselves. You’d be surprised how energised and soft your feet feel the next day too.

These are my go to feel better things.

Hope they work for you!


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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