Truth No. 2 – baby sleep

Not all babies sleep the text book 2 hours down. Not all babies are easy to put to sleep. It is ok to feel frustrated by a cat-napper … you’ve tried everything, you’ve been patient, you’ve been back in the room a hundred times but they still only sleep for 30 minutes. 

It’s not enough time to eat, I know.

It’s not enough time to give your toddler quality mummy time, I know. 

It’s not enough time to cook, clean, exercise, stare blankly at the walls, I know.

Know that it will pass eventually. They will learn to sleep through their sleep cycle, your toddler will not notice nor will they suffer, and stuff the cleaning.

Maybe focus on the lovely feeling of your (naughty) baby’s head on your chin. Or the sweet little grunting sounds they make while they contentedly sleep the extra hour and a half on your chest. 

Or maybe focus on the fact that they take such extraordinary and easy comfort in your smell and your touch … because one day they won’t. In fact one day they won’t need you at all.  I’ll focus on that right now.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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