How to stay fit with a newborn

Well it’s no magic formula. We walk. Not by choice but by necessity. The baby likes it. The baby sleeps. The baby stops crying for a while. And I get to kiss the baby’s head non stop.


We walk half an hour twice a day. Sometimes more if baby is having a shocker. Usually one of his naps is taken in the baby sling. And yes there’ll be people that say ‘but you should let baby get used to that’, ‘but the baby won’t get sound sleep’, ‘but you should be sleeping them in the cot’. Well guess what, I don’t give one what people say I should do. It feels great. I am close to my beloved baby and I’m getting out and about = happy mummy = happy family.

On the plus side the dog has lost its love handles she gained during middle aged dogspread.

And I get to drown any of my sleep deprivation sorrows in the rustling pastures, the tweeting of tiny birds going about their day, and the warmth of the sun on my back. It reminds me that life is bigger than just me and my mummy-dom.

I walk mindfully, noticing the different coloured greens on the trees, or the way the road has a haze about it, or how my feet feel on the ground. Some days it works to soothe my soul, some days it doesn’t. But no matter what I keep going walking. Because, my body and mind deserve it.



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