How to achieve peacefulness in chaos

When I say the word peaceful, I think of sitting in silence, perhaps staring at the clouds, winds rustling through pastures, tweeting birds ….. and a glass of wine.

But for most mothers, that is hard to achieve on a daily err, I mean, ever.

So what if we thought about peacefulness a bit differently?

It actually means to be undisturbed. Free from turmoil or disagreement. Tranquil.

Lets repeat that. Free from turmoil.

Perhaps, if we look for it, peacefulness is in most moments of our day. Like, when I look at my toddler drawing with crayon on my furniture, if I look past the crayon vandalism, and into his eyes – deep into his eyes – I see the tiny baby I know and love and grew. I see unconditional admiration and love being returned back to me. I see kindness. Gentleness. Innocence.

This makes me feel peaceful.

Maybe we should aim to look past the strife, turmoil and disagreement – see it, but look deeper. Perhaps then tranquility will present itself. How does turmoil help us anyway? Why bother giving it any attention?

Maybe if we look for it, under all the layers of our day-to-day, under the struggles of modern day society, and beyond our expectations, beyond our norms and rules, peacefulness is there waiting to be uncovered.

This is what I will try to achieve tomorrow. But forgive myself if I am not perfect at it.


2 responses to “How to achieve peacefulness in chaos

  1. Loving your posts! Excellent advice. I’ll be sure to reflect on this tomorrow when I catch myself focusing on noise and turmoil! 💕🍭

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