A crafty jellyfish

I’m not one of those mums that can imagine and create. I try. But thank the heavens for Pinterest.

I’m also trying my hardest to make this last year for Buddy extra special and full of quality moments before he starts school. I didn’t really take to mothering that easily so I relied a lot on buying toys and taking him to new places and arranging playdates. Now, I realise that quality experiences are what makes the person. 

So we have slowed down a lot, we stay home more and make mess. We come up with ideas – sometimes good ones, often not. I hope he takes from this that his mum is not perfect, not even nearly, but that she tries. 

And that life is a series of moments not things.

Anyhow, this little beauty, I came up with myself.

All you need is paper plates, streamers, glue and a stapler.  

Put some glue around the edges of a plate and stick on different streamer lengths.  

Put another plate on top and staple together.

Then either draw or paint a face on top.

You could also put a hole and some string on top to hang it up. 

But seriously, for a couple of hours Buddy ran around the house pretending to sting everything and everyone with the tenticles.  Eventually the dog lay down and fell asleep rather than running away from pretend stings. 

Win win!


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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