Project 365 – 16

Taken pre-dawn. I really didn’t want to wake up, sit up or face the day. And it was one of those mornings where I hated having to feed through the night. Naked from waist up because I was literally too tired to re-clothe. Three months now of sleep deprivation. Oh and I’ve grown a few extra chins – sure, why not, add to the beauty of motherhood! The unglamorous side of breastfeeding a newborn. Thank heavens he is devilishly cute.

Then he fell asleep on me and I let my lips rest on his fluffy velvet soft head. And I was content. Content enough to face another day of whatever sacrifice was necessary for my kids. That’s the deal with motherhood, willingly sacrificing everything because of those split seconds of divine, unconditional, non-judgmental, unfaltering, innocent love.


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