Anyone who has the ‘answer’ to babies is a liar

I saw this on the news this morning.

Let me break it to you new mums, this is BS man!

Shame on the ABC for promoting yet another quasi-expert who professes to have all the “answers” to the challenges you are having with your baby.

By all means give it a crack. Give them all a go. Spend your savings on all the “expert” books. But don’t hang everything you’ve got on it working, because that my friends will drive you more bonkers than the sleep deprivation. 

The whole “but the book says … and it isn’t working …and there must be something wrong with my baby … (or worse) there must be something wrong with me or I must be doing it wrong” is not healthy for you.

Try everything once. But remain flexible. There is no single solution for every baby, each baby is an individual. Grow with your baby. Learn with your baby. Learn from your baby. And more than anything, be kind to yourself, cut yourself a break and just do the best you can for that particular situation on that particular day!


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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