Tummy sleeping or not

Well, as I nervously sit here holding the baby monitor 3 inches from my face for the past two hours I’ve chewed nails, squinted to see his little rib cage rising and falling, and consumed a whole packet of maltesers. 
This. Is. It. The first time ever I’ve tried tummy sleeping.

Scared supine from all the ‘SIDS back sleeping’ lectures from midwifes et.al. I have never ventured into this unknown moonscape land. 
Many have encouraged me to try it when they have heard my “OMG somebody please make this baby sleep” cries. I’ve heard so many “oh god I did it for my kids from the moment they could lift their head and they slept for two hours evermore” or “argh, it’s the only way my reflux babies would sleep, it made them feel better” stories. 
Reluctant to listen to heresay I’m trying it for myself, an experiment. 
I wait and, literally, hold my breath with my phone ready to dial emergency. This is the reality of the fear of god you perinatal health workers put into us.
Wish me luck.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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