Why is self love important

Here’s what I’ve learned about motherhood – we put ourselves last. Well most of us do anyway. I’m not going to go into why because that’s a whole other story.

Here’s what I’ve learned about life in the past few years that have thrown some major challenges my way – compassion is the answer to everything.
Angry with someone? Watch how having compassion for the other person helps you see their point of view and chill out.

Road raging? Watch how compassion for the other driver makes it all ok and you can chill out.

Frustrated by your toddler? Watch how compassion for them makes you melt and chill out.

Annoyed at your partner? Watch how compassion helps you see why they might act a certain way and you chill out.

A work colleague driving you bonkers? Watch how compassion helps you see their laziness comes from something deeper and is not deliberate or targeted at you and you chill out.

Look at this word-o-gram on compassion. 

Did you just chill out a tiny bit reading it? Me too.

But here’s the crucial tip – compassion for others is useless unless you also apply it to yourself. Be your own best friend. Give yourself some compassion in those toughest of tough moments. Self compassion will help you be more content, happier and more relaxed. 

Bundled up in this is also self forgiveness. Us mums can be so hard on ourselves. We expect a very high standard of performance and resilience, and dump a truck load of guilt on ourselves. So next time you feel like this …

Stop for a second and give yourself a bit of self love and forgiveness, a touch of understanding for what you are going through, and a whole heap of compassion.


Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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