Currently – killing

Currently … I am killing time walking at a snails pace so that the cat napper can sleep.

Note the sneaky one eye open.

Saw some ducks and some “wool bombed” telegraph poles.

Don’t know why they were wrapped in wool. But I wondered how cool it would be to have enough time to sit down and knit. Or in my case, sleep.

Got some looks from some old folk that seemed to be saying “tsk tsk there goes another youngen on those pesky cell phone things instead of tending to and enjoying their child”. Well, FYI, I tend to and enjoy my child 24/7 and I can’t actually enjoy him while he is pretending to sleep. This is my equivalent of chatting to the mailman in your day. So keep your assumed tsking to yourself thanks.

Then another old couple just smiled and said good morning with an implied “what a sweet sight” look. I feel better now.

I think my mind is playing trick “interpret people’s looks” on me.

I don’t think this baby is sleeping. Every now and then he gives a “gotcha” sigh.

Oh well. Here’s to the over tired screaming that awaits me it an hour or so!


2 responses to “Currently – killing

  1. Aww bless – I love the sneaky eye open to keep watch on you! My lot used to sleep with one eye half open sometimes just to make sure they weren’t missing out!

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