Work bloody hard to find your village

I wish I could convey the majesty of this Acmena tree on our river bed. Its roots mould along the river bank rather than down, giving it enormous strength during the frequent down pours and torrents the river experiences while simultaneously supporting the banks. There’s some sense to that.

We all know that saying “it takes a village to raise a child” right? Well it also takes a village to be a mum and a mum-friend. Wouldn’t that be great if all mums had that option to reach out to a community of friends for support. It’s just not so in this day and age.

I didn’t, but now I do, because I worked and still work bloody hard to forge positive relationships. 

That means, giving over parts of yourself, sharing when normally you wouldn’t, showing compassion for others when you feel more like covering yourself under a doona and sleeping, keeping appointments, offering help even if you’re not sure if they need it. It’s hard for introverts. Really hard. But if you work at, it’s worth it.
#stabilityincommunity #findyourvillage #spreadyourarmswide #beopen 


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