my inert purpose is your gain

Well. No news really. Unless you count the fact that I have transformed this mum blog into a wellness hub for women.

Say wha?!?!?!

You see, I am on the 5th year now of rehabilitating myself. From unwell new mother flailing in the deep ocean of motherhood having jumped from the safe mooring of ambition and professional career woman, to well warrior woman carving an earthed spirit for herself while keeping her young alive and thriving.

I’ve spent a fortune learning new ways to live, how to nurture myself – mind and body – better ways to build relationships and communicate, exploring my values, being ok with not being ok, and finding my true north.

And it struck me a couple of weeks ago. I think I was handing my credit card over for some other medicinal or therapeutic avenue that was a bust and which I won’t try again. Or perhaps I was at my mentor meeting which was particularly profound on this occasion. Or maybe it was as I was completing registration for women’s group facilitator training so that I can offer a circle of support, love, fun and friendship in a safe space free from judgment and shame an opportunity to hold space for them …Fotolia_163773267_L.jpg

… it struck me how much I have invested and wholeheartedly committed to repairing my soul, rediscover my deep inert spirit and seeking my truth. And how many women could benefit from another average, mum, woman and friend having tried the lot, THE WHOLE SHEBANG, and come out the other side with evidence based conclusions.

I’m a research person. A health professional, scientist and former health regulation analyst.

A scientist brain with a boho heart.

It’s this combination of attention to detail in my search for truth and my ache to live a grounded, authentic, simple life, harmoniously with nature that I thought could help other women.

Learn from my mistakes – find out what works and what is rubbish.

Welcome to the wellness hub the spirit room and our oils education group.

Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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