lovely lemons ~ wellness wisdom one

Remember the lemon detox diet?! People lost tonnes of weight but then it sorted faded into the background following outcry from most health professionals for its complete lack of a scientific basis and its sinister side effects.

Drinking only lemon and sugar water to give your body a rest from digestion and ‘cleanse’ is just nonsense. You kidneys, liver and digestive tract are your body’s natural cleansers.

People sort of chucked lemons in the same basket as this dangerous fad diet.

If you are one of those people I am challenging you to give lemons another chance.


Three months ago, I woke up and decided to drink warm lemon water every morning before I consume anything else. Within a week I felt:

  • less bloated
  • less fatigued
  • less irritable in the morning
  • more in control of sugar cravings
  • less ravinous mid morning

Because I was less fatigued I could do more exercise and get more done during the day, like prep healthier meals.

I’ve since discovered that lemons (particularly of a morning in warm water) have HUGE health benefits for your kidney, liver, blood vessels and skin. When taken in the morning, it hydrates you after a long sleep and wakes up your digestive system ready to cleanse you.

All you need to do is:

  1. make a few fresh lemons a part of your weekly shop, sometimes I’ll have a lime to keep things interesting.
  2. as soon as you wake make your lemon water and sip as you go about your morning. By the time you get to having breakfast it’ll be all gone
  3. cut a lemon in half, squeeze juice in til it’s about a centimetre deep (pick any pips out … or not depending on how tired you are)
  4. pop both the lemon halves in a sealed container in the fridge
  5. fill your cup with warm water
  6. DONE!

Try it for 14 days. Take the challenge and one easy step towards wellness. Let me know how you go, I’d love to hear!



Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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