f*!k sorry

Sorry for swearing. But also I’m NOT. 

Sorry is the second most over used word in the average woman’s conversation. The first being ‘yes’ or any of its siblings …. ‘yeah sure’ ‘why not’ ‘that’ll be fine’ ‘whatever’ and my personal favourite ‘it’s all good’.
I just caught myself saying sorry for a mistake someone else made! And my brain was actually telling my heart to feel sorry for the fact that I pointed it out. It’s a damaging habit that a lot of women get into because they feel, through no fault of their own, or are made to feel less worthy.

Here’s the thing. Unless you deliberately kick someone in the shins or peg a pillow at your loved ones head or you truly feel sad to hear someone’s bad news – there really is no need to be or feel sorry …. ever. 

Even if you make a mistake, it’s better for your confidence and your spirit to be grateful for the opportunity to do better next time. Apologising means you regret something, that you deserve to pay penance, that you’ve caused someone misfortune. Well, you are better that!

Let’s start reflecting your actual self worth: 

  • ditch the routine ‘sorry’
  • notice when a sorry is bubbling, think about why it’s there, give yourself a little pep talk instead, do you actually have anything to be sorry for?
  • have a mental list of alternatives, use things like ‘thanks for pointing that out’ or ‘that’s not going to work for me’ or ‘what’s going to be better for me is …’
  • be prepared to feel vulnerable when putting yourself first. It’s awkward. Like having a prickle in your undies. But it’s worth it! And stand by it, no apologies.

Imagine going through life with a litter of apologies following in your wake. Now think about how that would make you feel if you were 80 and had spent your life apologising. I thought so.

Make the change right now.

I’d love to hear how you go and how it makes your heart feel.

Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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