win your war on sugar

win war on sugar
It’s toxic. There’s no question. The science will catch up soon to what our bodies are telling us. Sugar is a completely empty, useless, inflammatory additive. We do not need to consume it as a food item to survive, so long as we source carbs from elsewhere (like veggies).

Did you know that, when surgeons want to create scar tissue to promote healing post-surgery they inject a sugar solution which they call an “irritant” to get the inflammation and scar formation process started?  ALARM BELLS!!


This is part one of a series of simple but effective steps we’ve put together to get you off sugar. 

It’s what works. It’s simple. It’s achievable for busy mums and women.

Make the decision that you and sugar are no longer compatible. Notice how it makes you feel after you ‘indulge’ too much. What does your belly say. What do your joints say. Do you get the sugar low 30 minutes later? How bad is that low – severe addict low? Do you feel like an addict? I used to feel like I was a drug addict who had just had their hit. Some even say that sugar is as addictive as cocaine – for me it certainly felt that way. Especially when I was searching for the “hit”. 

Does your body feel puffy or bloated after eating it. Does you skin suddenly feel taut or thin like paper? Do you get snappy and super irritable if your brain is telling you that your need that sugar hit.

Copy of SUGAR (1)


These are signs you can’t ignore. You need to say enough is enough!!! Your body deserves better. It deserves nourishment. Your mind deserves clarity. You deserve to know how to get through tough times without a addictive sugar crutch …

The first step is recognising there is an issue.

Well done you for doing that.  

Now let’s move onto the second step


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