say bye bye to your sugar high

Quit that S*#T … so we’ve committed to the need to omit sugar from our life … we’ve pin pointed our triggers and habits for a week … now what do we do? 

We put some SWAPSIES into our arsenal is what we do. 

Your task is to find something (3 options preferably) that you can have in your home so that when your monkey mind kicks in going …

“oh thank christ I made it through that godawful day I need chocolate as a reward”


“oh what a relatively good day, things didn’t turn to shit and the house is still standing, I must celebrate with chocolate”


“geez louise i think I’m winning at this game of life, I think i deserve chocolate as a reward”

… and it’s searching like a mad thing for the sugar hit…

Instead it knows it goes straight to the cupboard and gets out a coconut bliss ball, or to the fridge for a pre-cut celery stick with nut butter, or it puts the kettle on and a tea bag in the cup for a cup of tea. 

Write down your three swapsies and stick them on the fridge door or the cupboard door, so your brain sees it when your need for a hit kicks in. 

And do NOT reach for fruit – it’s fructose which is another form of sugar – we want to break that fight or flight – sugar hit pattern.

For me, mine were

  1. a Twinings green tea and lemon tea bag
  2. celery stick with hummus
  3. pistachio nuts

… and I would allow myself to eat as much of those three as I wanted.
Trust me this works! Do it for a week and you will see.

Let me know how you go.

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