second part of quitting the white stuff

So the first step is realising your incompatibility with sugar and maintaining a dialogue with yourself about it for week. 

The second stage of quitting the toxic stuff is all about making that link between your head and your heart. Your heart will be triggered by something … hurt, confidence, exhaustion, perhaps even success.

Your task now is to figure out your craving crunch time and trigger. Like really pay attention to you sugar habits for a week. 

No more mindless spooning it into your tea. Notice it, recognise how habitual it is. 

No more just one more choc chip bikkie turning into 10. Or in my case, the whole packet.

For ONE WHOLE WEEK pay attention to what you are feeling just before you dive into that packet of chocolate, AND almost as importantly, how you feel after you finish the packet.

For me, my trigger was having a good day or even having a bad day either way I felt like I needed a reward for getting through it. At 3pm I’d start thinking about my chocolate fix. At the end of the day I would fall on the couch, open a 12 pack of mini chocolates and before I knew it ALL the mini chocs were gone and that would happen EVERY day. And straight afterwards I would feel an enormous rush of happiness (the sugar high) something like I imagine addicts would feel, then 30 minutes later I would feel disgusted in myself, berate myself and feel downright worthless. 

I know there are people out there feeling the same. What sort of cycle is this to put yourself through?! So come on! Tune in. Write it down if you have to: WHEN YOU GIVE IN TO THE CRAVING, WHAT TIME OF DAY OR EVENT CAUSES YOU TO START THINKING ABOUT A SUGAR HIT, WHAT TRICKS HAVE YOU SET UP TO MAKE ACCESS EASY. And anything else you notice.

Once you’ve done this we can move onto the third and final step.

Let me know how you go ….

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