self care tip no. two

Staying on the topic of the importance of self care. Here is our next tip to gradually factor yourself in to your life and look after yourself as you do others …


It’s actually so simple it can be deceptive.

If it makes you smile or feel lighter. If there is a distinct absence of dread or fear or worry or procrastination. Then it’s safe to say, what you are doing, you are enjoying.

So, go ahead and do more of that.

Make room in your day to spend time on things that bring you joy and happiness.

Maybe it’s reading, taking a bath, yoga, gardening, dancing or singing. Whatever it is that brings you joy, make sure you prioritise and make time for it in your day to day. Write it in your planner, on your wall calendar. Whatever. Make it happen.

If your mind starts telling you it’s indulgent or selfish or you simply don’t have time or are undeserving. Notice those thoughts. Stall them in their tracks and redirect your mind to the opposite idea. You are worthy and deserving. You can make a moment. It’s a necessary and  important act. Our brain makes message pathways according to the way we think – retrain it to think self care is no big deal and a part of life.


It only has to be one small thing. Mine is having a cup of tea every morning. Making it. Pouring it. Stirring it. Sipping it’s warmth. I love it! And because I love it, I feel honoured. I feel respected and worthy.

Find something. Then. Make it happen. Every day. Repeat.

Got any thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

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