how good can gluten free really be?

It was the day from hell really. A kid on the end of a virus but with a kilo of snot in his head and of the age where he doesn’t know how to blow yet. A kid that had been bullied the day before in a park and pushed off a ride (this has nothing to do with it but it made me sangry {sad and angry at the same time}). A kid that had been cooped up at home, inside with his boring mamma, because of incessant rain.

So a trip to the mini-mart was in order. They say a change of scenery is as good as a glass of wine . . . is that what they say?

Anyway, I stumbled across this pink delight, glaringly different from all the other ‘bake and be merry’ and thought it’s promise to be heavenly was too good to pass up.IMG_2379 A couple of eggs.IMG_2381Mix the lactose free chocolate provided with some butter (a lot of butter).IMG_2383 And bake.IMG_2392Bask in your new domestic goddess-ness.IMG_2393 IMG_2394

For a moment, pretend that you have time to sit down and enjoy with a cup-o-tea and a mag.

Then stuff a couple of slices in your gob and skull the tea. Put the mag aside to allow whiney sick kid to climb all over you as it’s the only game they enjoy today, despite having 500 toys on the floor to choose from.IMG_2396 IMG_2397

And, my word, it was fantastic. Dense and delicious. I was pleasantly surprised.

The real test though? Big Buddy, the fussiest eater I’ve ever come across, ate it and liked it.

So there you go. Easy and tasty gluten and lactose free brownies. It can be done.


2 responses to “how good can gluten free really be?

  1. Impressive! Both the cake itself and the fact you managed to do so much with a child in that “getting over something” mood. I usually get a blanket and sit comatose with them in front of the TV counting the hours till bedtime! 🙂

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